Welcome to my blog!

My new blog is designed to help me respond, advise, encourage and inform those within the Pioneer network and of course anyone beyond it who would to take the time to read what I have to write!

For our King and His Kingdom


11 Responses to Welcome to my blog!

  1. Smon Sinclair says:

    Hi Gerald & Anona
    It’s Simon & Sue who were in Spain. Sorry we’ve lost your direct email but please respond via this to ours ssinclair007@hotmail.com. I understand from Godfrey, that Dale is coming over in October. Do you know if he would he have any dates free while he is here. We have been praying for a Marsham St type of out pouring where we are now, in Ipswich. We were in process of setting up a venue and dates when we heard of Dales visit to the UK. To tie this event with Dale would be rather neat. Rich blessings to you both Simon & Sue Sinclair.

  2. phil says:

    Hi Gerald,
    Thank you for the numerous podcasts now available of your talks & sermons on the net. For others, no need to visit the pioneer website but just type in a Search Engine:
    gerald coates podcast
    Certainly for the people who know a podcast is not something the martians do when they land in tripods!
    I thought the one on Destiny T.V. (Destiny Church, Glasgow) was particularly good.
    For a bit of humour, watch out for the point near the end where Gerald asks everyone to close their eyes then promptly pulls out a handkerchief & wipes his nose !
    best wishes,

  3. Mr Broadoak says:

    The Banking Crisis?
    I told the BBC:
    “Banks are a bit like football teams. When the Red Bank won’t pass the money to the blue bank, you need to tackle them !”

  4. Mr Oldie says:

    Hi Gerald,
    I would download one of those “Gerald Coates Ringtones” for my mobile but my “old brick” I bought off ebay for a tenner can’t download anything !
    best wishes.

  5. Mr Oldie says:

    My phone comes with an “amazing grace” ringtone. It went off in the quiet bank once and an old lady said “that’s a nice ringtone”!

  6. Doctor Profit says:

    The best thing I like about prophecy is that:
    By obediently uttering it to the right people, the world has changed even though it often leaves the prophet with little glory (Jonah).
    In a similar way, but to a lesser extent, by betting on a horse, you have changeded the betting odds for someone else! (When you play the game, you remain part of it).
    oops, its a bit late (early),
    see the time?

  7. kate says:

    Dear Gerald,

    A few years ago when you spoke at Oaks Christian Fellowship in Dronfield you mentioned that you were going to start a school of prophecy, I guess that is now Insight. I would ike to know more about it as I was really excited at the time to hear you wanted to set it up. We now live in Spain so I am out of the info loop a bit which is why we haven’t heard about it before. Glad to have found this sight. Your stories of what God was going around England and the world always charged my faith up again at pioneer events, it is hard work here in Spain and it needs charging! My husband was at the conference in Toledo this time last year. I have listened to a couple of the cdd’s and it was good to hear what you have to say, spot on.
    We moved here because we want God’s KIngdom in spain, he asked us to come and it is good to be a part of his plans here. It is hard though. If you know of anyone, or of any websites that would help ‘charge ‘us up please do let me know.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this. And thanks for your honesty.



  8. Gerald Coates says:

    Kate, just found your message! The School ran for a year in 4 centres and we are asking what to next. Thanks for your kind words. Happy new year.


  9. Hello Gerald:

    I have enjoyed reading your work.

    You are aware, are you not, that Charles Gordon died late in August of 2008?

    Rod Smith


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