Marsham Street Update

Recent photographs

I’m fully aware there are many wonderful things happening with churches within and beyond Pioneer in this season.


But in the light of the significant positive feedback we had from our news release, that we were back on Marsham Street starting last Thursday, July 24th, I thought I’d give you an update.

Flyers and news of our return to Marsham Street was distributed just two weeks before the first evening, and as I say we received a lot of feedback assuring us of prayers and even presence.


On the night


Around 500 turned up for a very strong, vibrant time of sung worship, praise and prayer for London and beyond.

Testimonies were given, including a woman who had been in a wheelchair for a year, in and out of hospital and in significant pain. She is now without the wheelchair!


Three gave their lives to Christ and hundreds received prayer, impartation and prophecies in the latter part of the meeting.

We’re back there on Thursday 31st at 7.30pm and every Thursday until further notice.

The Pioneer website/my blog will inform you when we cease to meet.


A number of people including Jonathan Aitken (who attended the first series in 97), worship leader Godfrey Birtill and worship leaders Dave and Pat Bilbrough are among a number who’ve said they would love to come and serve in this series of events.


We value your prayers, and you and friends are very welcome to join us. Obviously if you know people in the greater London area do drop them an email.


We’ll not be updating you regularly – we just thought you’d like to know that we have begun!


For our King and His Kingdom






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