Marsham Street – dates for your diary


Since we started on July 24th we’ve averaged around 500, with salvations and recommitments in each meeting, healings and some wild and wonderful times of impartation.

We are on Marsham Street at the Emmanuel Centre at 7.30pm every Thursday until further notice.

Check back here to see if we are still meeting.

Dates for your diary:

Thursday 13 NovemberNaomi Dowdy with EEC Band (Naomi planted a church in Singapore in the 70’s, it now has over 5000 people)

Thursday 20th November – Gerald Coates speaking

Thursday 27 November – Jonathan Conrathe speaking

On the nights of FOMS there will be a prayer meeting from 6:30pm to pray for London and the nation.  Free for all, open to everyone.  Come and join us in the lower hall in the Emmanuel Centre.

FOMS has now run for 18 weeks consecutively.  The last meeting of 2008 will be on Nov 27th.  In 2009 there will be a brand new series starting every Thursday in January, 7:30pm, and the Emmanuel Centre, Pioneer, and FOMS websites will be providing details.

Dates recently gone:

Thursday August 14th – Godfrey Birtill led worship and Jonathan Conrathe spoke

Thursday 21st – Gerald Coates and Wee Hian Chua spoke on “where is this awakening going?”

Thursday 28th – Mark Stibbe was a very special guest and Rex Allchurch led worship

Thursday September 4th
– David Herzog, Todd Bentley’s associate was with us for the first of his London dates.

Thursday 11th – Jonathan Aitken shared from Psalm 130 and drew heavily from his time served at Bellmarsh Prison. A gospel night

Thursday 18th – Roy Fields, who has been a primary worship leader in Lakeland, led worship and shared with us.

Wednesday 24th – with Gerald Coates and Tom Copson leading worship

Wednesday 1st October – with Jonathan Conrathe speaking and ministering

Thursday 9 October – Christen Forster and the River Church band


9 Responses to Marsham Street – dates for your diary

  1. Ayjay says:

    So where is this awakening going? I’d like to have heard Gerald speaking with Wee Hian Chua on Thursday. Is it going anywhere without Todd? Is skepticism taking over? Is this the end or the beginning? Todd seemed pretty sure. Are we going to prove him right or wrong? What’s the news?

  2. phil greenleaf says:

    A bit like Shanaze Reade on her BMX at the Olympics, if you fall over at the front, the rest of the field might run over you !
    London 2012
    Are the Streets going to be paved with Gold or chewing gum?

  3. Gerald says:

    Never met Todd, have met the Holy Spirit. God was at work all around ther world before most of us heard of Todd. Honour leaders, even failed ones, but do not put your trust in them, put it in the Holy Spirit. Come and see us on Marsham Street Thursdays 7.30pm


  4. Ayjay says:

    We need gold coloured chewing gum.

  5. Gerald says:

    Come and see us on Marsham Street – I am a God chaser not a Todd chaser! Gerald.

  6. Hi Gerald,

    Really enjoyed the past two weeks on Thursdays at Marsham Street. Loved walking under the “river”. Really enjoy the praise and worship. Good to be able to meet new people and give what I have to the work you are doing.

    Last week I brought a new believer to your meeting and the message was a real answer to a lot of his questions so thank you for that.



  7. Hi all,

    I went to the meeting last night at Marsham Street where I saw some of the most amazing miracles and they are having another meeting tonight!! People got healed of all sorts of things. Some people even lost weight!!

    I have suffered for two years from a previously fractured foot that left me in pain. I was completely healed of the pain last night at the meeting. Its always good to hear reports of others getting healed, but when it happens to you, it brings a new dimension to that reality.

    I recommend everyone to go to Marsham Street on Thursdays and become a part of what God is doing in London. Let the wells open up.


  8. Gerald Coates says:

    Hi Adrian,

    Still trying to work out Facebook and the blog which I don’t often use.

    Just picked up on the latter that you wanted me to email tyou – here I am!

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