Whatever happened to Todd Bentley and the Lakeland Awakening?

An article by Gerald Coates

What of a situation, where instead of a privileged upbringing, members of your family are drug addicts, poor, abusive, alcoholic, violent and often absent. What are the chances of becoming a good, healthy, Christian influencer?

Possible? Yes

Likely? No!

And this is the background of Todd Bentley, who grew up, or some might say failed to grow up, in a dysfunctional, damaging environment. In former years he was a victim who like many others, in turn, victimised.

As young as 11 he was a regular drinker and later a drug taker, aided by his father.

An encounter with Christ changed much of that, but as AW Tozer once commented, sin ruins our manhood, and the road to recovery is very much longer than we’d like it to be.

Until earlier this year, Todd Bentley, a stocky, tattooed biker, was a revivalist. In the western world he spoke at meetings of no more than a few hundred people.  But all that was about to change in the first week of April 2008. He was to be in Lakeland, Florida for a few days for what the Americans call a “revival”, where through extended worship, prayer and preaching the church is revived. And hopefully the unchurched and backsliders have a life changing experience, bringing them into relationship with Christ.

Rob de Luca from New Zealand prophesied to Todd that he should get ready for this special series of meetings and that something unique was going to take place. The meetings started with a few hundred people, but because of the miracles, healing and deliverances, crowds quickly grew to thousands and a special tent-like building was constructed that held up to 10,000.

God TV realised something very special was taking place and began to broadcast the previous evening’s event, followed by a live broadcast. It was compelling viewing. And the initial few days turned into around 4 months, 7 nights a week.

However, Todd himself was unconventional and created controversy. It wasn’t just the meetings themselves, he was now being broadcast live into well over a hundred nations and some smaller TV channels were taking a feed and broadcasting themselves, so we have no idea as to how many nations or people were viewing this, but we can safely say millions.

With his background and age he was an unlikely candidate for global evangelism and healing. And I don’t share his background to excuse, rather to understand.

Then came the bombshell. Advisors were saying that Todd was going to leave his wife (she was not leaving him), and that there was an emotional involvement with another woman in the ministry and lots more rumour. Some true and some completely untrue but all on the web.

As time went on it became clear there was a very serious history here and he was asked to step down from ministry and was offered help and support, hopefully leading to repentance and restoration.

Sadly, it is in times like these, that parts of the body of Christ can look really ugly. I do not recall a moment of glee (from charismatic evangelicals), when a leading male Reformed Bible teacher (non-charismatic) from Cambridge left his wife, children, church and significant conference ministry, to set up home with his male assistant.

Sadness? Yes. Bewilderment? Certainly.

But it has to be said, that the “I told you so” brigade made their ugly feelings known, far more concerned they had been right than caring for Todd’s wife, children or the many thousands who’ve been saved, turned to Christ or healed. And I know some of these people.

One of the most surprising and saddest moments, was when my friend Dr. RT Kendall, now residing in the USA, wrote an open letter carried in the last issue of Sorted.

In fairness to him, this was written before the closing chapter of the Lakeland Awakening.

Basically, in the light of a number of concerns, he concludes that the Lakeland phenomenon was not of God. He rightly explained in his article that this is what he concluded regarding Toronto in 1994. Stating this at an EA meeting I was present at, I quipped that he would regret saying this. That afternoon he then asked for prayer to receive the blessing. To the shock of us all, a non-Charismatic Reformed minister, not involved in the prayer promptly feel to the floor “slain in the Spirit”. RT therefore changed his mind.

So are we saying here, that Roy Fields, who led a lengthy time of praise, worship, adoration and thanksgiving most nights, was also not of God?

Or were the Bible readings not of God?

Were all those who claimed to be healed (and he only repeated what they claimed) also not of God?

I’m currently mentoring a guy in his 20s who gets married in a few weeks, and his fiancé was healed of a serious back conditioned she’d had for years in the first meeting, in the worship, without a word of prayer! And I see her regularly.

There is no evidence in scripture to suggest that the devil loves Christians singing God honouring songs with Bible based lyrics. Some of them started life here in the UK.

Some of RT’s concerns I share, and through a mutual friend I advised Todd to step back from saying certain things as they were a distraction from the main message – which he did. But I heard some good preaching and teaching from Todd and his colleagues, and how you get the balance right 7 nights a week for 4 months, I do not know!

A 21st century revival in the west will probably come from unexpected quarters and in unexpected ways.
Perhaps it’s significant that over 2 million people have been to an Alpha Course, thousands turn out to J John’s Ten course, there are nearly a thousand Fresh Expressions of church (most of which are expressions of mission) that are traceable, and after a lull of over a decade the New Churches (formerly House Churches) are beginning a pro-active programme of church planting and mission.

But back to Todd… what are we to make of him and those 4 amazing months?

I’ve never met Todd, or visited Lakeland, though I did visit Toronto and made good friends of John and Carol Arnott. And I also visited Brownsville, Florida, and on numerous occasions I talked to pastor John Kilpatrick, his preaching colleague, Steve Hill, and made friends with worship leader Lindell Cooley.

So  let’s go back to the Bible. Was Lakeland not of God, or is it possible or even likely that God chose Todd?

Take a look at scripture and read about the sensuous, naive Samson, or Abraham getting his wife to lie, or David, who is addicted to sex, gets a man killed so he can have his wife, or the Apostle Peter who was motivated by fear and became a racist, confronted by the Apostle Paul.

If I were promoting a religion I would take many people out of the Old and New Testament as they are hopeless examples of lovers of Jehovah and followers of Christ.

But God has left Biblical figures in the storyline I would have erased, to encourage people like you and me – flawed, deceptive, dishonest and professional in the art of cover ups.

Our sin may not be as damaging as going off with someone else and leaving family, but different sorts of sin have different sorts of repercussions.

So to conclude, why was the young Billy Graham (now my hero, he is 90 years old on November 7th!) so successful when others (and sadly and I could name a few more) have failed, tragically, and often publicly.

Well Billy, surrounded himself with people who were different to him. He and the team began to live by self imposed rules, because perception is sometimes more important than reality.

Being alone with someone of the other sex, issues relating to what to eat and drink, were all settled fairly early on.

I know of national ministries who choose to share a room with a colleague or an assistant. It assures the late night TV channels are kept off. And whether it be through God’s doing or not, some of us at various times in our ministries have had a profile out of all proportion to our holiness, Godliness and devotion to Christ.
It’s true that each one of us, whether that profile be local, regional, national or international, have put our trust in Christ, but he trusts us with gifts and callings.

But it’s up to us, by His Grace, to make ourselves accountable and at times vulnerable and transparent. God knows everything there is to know about us and we can trust him with the information. A few good God fearing people around us supporting, encouraging and at times correcting us will cause a little bit of what’s in heaven to come to the earth.

I could perhaps do no better than finish with some words of my other hero, AW Tozer, with what is often labelled The Prayer of the Minor Prophet he prays “I am unworthy of the least of my mercies, and if men knew me as intimately as I know myself, they would withhold their honours or bestow them on others more worthy to receive them”

And elsewhere, “save me from myself and from the all the injuries I may do myself while trying to be a blessing to others.”

Amen and Amen!


44 Responses to Whatever happened to Todd Bentley and the Lakeland Awakening?

  1. Steve says:

    Thanks for your faithfulness and courage addressing this again.
    However, as with previous correspondence the issue is not so much God didn’t use Todd and others, as you know there is the story of someone getting saved by a drunk singing ” Old Rugged Cross”,thannk God for the grace of God. But the issue is more related to government, the grace of God does not set aside aspects of government, such as appointiing deacons or elders, these jobs are not open to anyone. The issue with Lakeland is things touched the issues of what is truly prophetic and truly apostolic for those were the words and language used in encouraging this revival and its mannerisms and its basic nature. I suspect the truly prophetic and apostolic is more likely to be anonymous, people working too hard to have time for conferences and concerned about the genuine glory of God!You mention Tozer, I wonder what he would have really made of all this, I suspect we both know? I think I may have come across a real prophet who died a few years ago called Art Katz, he had such a passion for a pure representation of the church life, and the truly apostolic and prophetic.Be worth checking out his material, but it is really radical and cutting edge, not in the media sense we use those terms referring to anything that is new and novel and usually involving music styles!

  2. Ayjay says:

    My experiences (If anyone out there cares)

    Being used by God never guarenteed me holiness afterwards. In fact I least expect temptation after being used by God and get caught off guard more easily.

    When I sin, God could revoke all my spiritual gifts but my experience is that I keep them. If I were God, I’d immediately sack or suspend me from any role in the church after sinning. The Holy Spirit might sit in the corner of my heart and refuse to do anything until I repent. Instead God seems to just keep going with me but let me live with my own mess. I can’t justify this theologically, it is just my own experience.


    Todd is accountable to the Christian community and I think he is being punished very heavily. Some Christians are tearing his beliefs and ministry to bits and his marriage seems to be ruined. We can all kick him when he’s down, but he will be too far gone to notice. So is Todd a prophet?

    What makes a prophet?

    I suspect there are different definitions of being a “prophet”. If we include anybody who prophesies we probably get a donkey and Balaam who later had to be executed. We also get the high priest included who said that it is better for one man to die for the people. We may also get those who Jesus said he never knew who ‘prophesied in his name’.

    What I think about Todd

    I think Todd is a saint with a prophetic gift. He has just made a mess of things and has to live with his own mess. I expect this will stay with him for the rest of his life. It is a truly terrible thing to have something like that on your conscience. I have tried to kill myself over a much less serious situation than Todd’s. Seriously, he should consider seeing a Dr if he shows any signs of mental illness over what has happened. There is enough tragedy already.

  3. John says:

    If a local UK pastor claimed to visit the Third Heaven regularly and make contact with dead believers; if he spoke of encounters with a lady angel assigned to him, of angels of healing, finance, and revelation appearing in his meetings, would it all be acceptable – as long as the church was “in mighty blessing”? Does the Bible confirm or condemn such activity? Or, doesn’t it matter?
    There are many more casualties than Todd Bentley that have come out of Lakeland.
    Thousands of them. The charismatic groups are being labelled “gullible” – and more.
    When the so-called Apostles stood on the platform and commissioned Todd to take the Lakeland message to the world, where was their apostolic discernment? Now some
    some of them are trying to reinterpret what they said on the night.
    The same goes for the prophecy given by Wendy Alec concerning the appearance of
    Christ and the angels on the Lakeland platform.
    Of course we pray for Todd and his family, but remember too the thousands of others
    affected by what happened in Florida.

  4. Tim Sokell says:

    You make some good points here about Todd and his involvement in the Lakeland ‘revival’. I have read a lot about this although like yourself Gerald, have not visited the place or met the man. In my view the main issue is not so much about Todd though, but about the way all this stuff is promoted and built up in the way it so often is. I thought it quite wrong to televise the whole thing, particularly the nonsensical ‘apostolic alignment’, although I fully understand why they do/did it. As someone has said elsewhere…. “the problem is not so much putting someone on a pedestal, but it’s actually HAVING a pedestal in the first place”.

  5. Mr Broadoak says:

    The Vicar said: “Paying for Sex is Wrong”
    The prostitute said: “You will pay for that” & flashed at the vicar.
    Smarty said to the prostitute: “I will pay for sex but not for your expensive lifestyle”
    The prostitute said to smarty “I will pay for my lifestyle” (and she did)
    The Vicar then said “Would you both like a cup of tea?
    Touched by the Vicars generosity, they both drank then left.

    i have not thought of an end to this storey yet, and there is more to come from Todd’s storey as well !

  6. Ayjay says:

    Some thoughts about Todd’s angels

    I remember when I went off the rails, I began telling people I could see angels, demons etc. What actually happened was I mostly just saw it in my imagination and claimed it as a vision, although I did get some hallucinations of monsters as I was waking up sometimes (medically catagorised as “hypnopompic hallucinations”). I set out to evangelise, but I caused a lot of harm by elevating myself unduely. I thought I was some kind of super-prophet.

    When I heard Todd talking about his angels on TV, I cringed. Seeing angels is quite common, especially if you include people who reguarly hallucinate. Daydreamy visions of angels are even more common. Dreams of angels are also common. Trusting someone because they saw an angel is a poor foundation for faith, unless you feel The Holy Spirit speak to *you*. If you have seen an angel it is probably no big deal, there seems to be a lot of them around. They aren’t all real and the ones that are real aren’t all good. When Todd said he saw angels, everyone should have made a lot less fuss.

    ps. Mr Broadoak wins the prize for the most muddled and inappropriate comment. Thanks B.

  7. Mr Broadoak says:

    Apologies for appearing inappropriate & muddled Ajay. I hope things may be a little clearer once some length of time has passed. I don’t think Todd has finished with the media or his very interesting life storey (if perhaps, not to be followed),

  8. Ayjay says:

    People’s reputation can recover after a public disgrace. eg. Clinton regained his popularity. But it still looks like most of us have heard the last of Todd…

    …unless he decides to star in his own show? Mr Broadoak has a err, wonderful script already. How much does it cost to book the theatre again?

  9. Nick says:

    Hello Gerald
    It is interesting to read this. In Bradford it seems that not much has been said at all, on this subject.
    I like what you say, especially, about the weakness and weariness of some of the Bible ‘greats’ such as Samson and David. God soes use the weak things indeed, to shame the ‘wise’.

    Thank you Lord for your fantastic grace.

    Much love
    Nick Franks

  10. Mr Broadoak says:

    To quote a famous pioneer:
    “We get disillusioned with people because we had illusions about them in the first place”
    As I have not fallen into this category with Todd, I think I am in a position to see a little clearer than most………….

  11. Dr Profit says:

    God also uses the Wise to help the weak……..

  12. Hi all,

    Wow. What a variety of thoughts and feelings. Reading this has been both enlightening and interesting.

    There is one extra thought I just thought I would add.

    Anjay has mentioned a lot about visions and hallucinations. Maybe I am falling into a hole with tis comment but I think that it should be said that ones opinion depends on ones own experience of the spiritual world.

    For example:
    Someone who has had no personal revelation of demons, angels and visions would probably say they are all hallucinations or the person is schizophrenic and should see a doctor.

    On the other hand, someone who is very in touch with the spritual world would know straight away the difference between good spirits and evil spirits (I fall into this category).

    I am guessing that if John wrote the book of revelation today, there would be plenty of ‘Christians’ who thought he needed a doctor. Or maybe if Jesus came out of the wilderness today, people would say he had spent too long in the sun. Or if Paul today saw a vision of God, and became blind, ‘Christians’ would say that this must be of the devil because God only heals and doesnt take away peoples sight.

    The way I see all this is God used a man to touch many lives as he has done in the past so many times but under extensive pressure and temptation (without much support) he fell. That does not mean God was never with him.

    If God released me in ministry today, I am sure there would be things from my past that some people would say I shouldnt be in ministry for. Is there any sinless person out there? Some sins are hidden, others are public. I would worry more about the hidden ones, wouldnt you?

    I really hope and pray that Todd and his family get back together. God saved my marriage once, he can save Todd’s too. Divorce should not be an option ever.

  13. Phil says:

    I checked out Art Katz. It is of course “safe” to call someone a real prophet after they have died! (no stone statue for Gerald yet then?) lol
    I feel that prophetic words spoken are more important than the status.
    There are numerous free audio recordings of Art Katz sermons available to download. Thats good. I may listen to a few sometime.

  14. Steve says:

    Thanks Phil for that.
    I guess one point I would suggest strongly is the need to be jealous concerning the words apostolic and prophetic. Not too cheapen these words, there are many who prophesy especially in the sense of giving personal words, this is good, to edify, encourage and build up. Someone in a prophetic office may or may not prophesy in this sense, contrary to popular understandings, rather He speaks as a sent one, particularly able to bring clarity and discernment and judgment concerning what is truly of God and what is cultural or mixed, and usually they are rejected by the majority, and their ministry is closely connected with suffering. Likewise the sign of an apostle is suffering, they have such a passionate uncompromising concern for God’s name, and reputation and concern for the authenticity of God’s most treasured possession the church. To cheapen the terms apostle and prophet does a disservice to the real thing.

  15. Ayjay says:

    Mr Katz seems to have a surmon on everything:


    I heard his surmon on end times and I have to say we are much closer theologically than most. (He might still be a prophet in spite of agreeing with me on a lot of things).

    Personally though, I’m quite care-free about what constitutes a prophet. Gerald has some very unique and valuable gifts although I can’t start making statues anyway. Would I be taking the joke too far for suggesting a new Top Trumps set?

  16. Lion King says:

    I was a little dissappointed to hear that Gerald’s school of prophesy did not quite get quite the numbers one might have hoped for. Thanks Gerald for trying.
    Acts 2: v17-18
    does not put much emphesis on a one man ministry, or does it?

  17. Phil says:

    To be a little CLEARER
    From the original Greek, the apostle is the “sent out” one, the prophet speaks for another. I would suggest that it is not the job of a prophet to accurately predict the future although there may be an element of foretelling. I would also suggest that what makes a prophet true or false would depend on who they were speaking for & not on an accurate prediction of the future which might lead to lots of “rich prophets” down at the bookmakers !

  18. Phil says:

    With regard to musical styles, Charitable giving is great therapy for “high church” when its “strictly come dancing”, saturday night & strictly no dancing Sunday morning!

  19. Roger Mariner says:

    hmmmm. Took me a couple of minutes to discern where this stuff came from and it wasn’t from God. Some people will run after anything that offers an experience rather than the humdrum everyday taking up of the cross. All people ever seem to want is signs and wonders and a form of hypnosis. Prophets? don’t make me laugh. You have all you need in the Word to see what is happening. Apostles? I would be falling about if it were not so sad. Paul was the last apostle and that out of time. Shame on you all – you love the seats in the public places and the adoration of the masses. Get in your closets and pray. Then you will see what is real when your Father rewards you openly – but then who is your real father? Slain in the spirit? I have never seen that in the Bible. The most chilling words in scripture: ” Depart from me -I never knew you”
    Think about that.

  20. Ayjay says:

    Hallucinations vs Biblical encounters

    David J,

    Certainly many doctors who are materialists would catagorise biblical encounters as hallucinations. The big difference with visions in the Bible is the Holy Spirit’s involvement, who grounds the vision into reality.

    Manufacturing your own visions is probably the big hole you need to avoid. I think hallucinations are a kind of false vision from our imagination. They are of the body\flesh and usually have a medical explanation.

    So just a warning to anyone listening to let God initiate any visions and to be discerning:

    .Hallucinations are unhealthy for the mind and body.
    .Some religions seek hallucinations (through drinking, drugs, dazzling, blood loss etc).
    .Hallucinations and associated paranoia has harmed me personally.
    .Preaching of false visions upset God in the Bible (eg. Isaiah 28:7)

    So the doctor might not be able to see the difference but God can. B careful.

  21. Ayjay says:


    Thanks for your views on prophets, apostles and our discussion so far.

    In all fairness:
    .I hold a total of zero seats in public places
    .I often feel uncomfortable in public (rather than loving it).
    .The masses ignore me completely.
    .My closet is full of clothes

    Is it better to cast shame on me or be open minded about whether I know God? (We are strangers afterall).


  22. Top Trump says:

    I wonder if Jesus thought that the taking up of the cross was humdrum?

  23. simple simon says:

    If St. Paul was the last apostle, he was also, probably the last person to pick his nose because as far as I am aware, nobody else has done it since!

  24. Philip says:

    I agree that we all have personal lives that need to be worked out away from a stage.
    The Word is important but prophets may make you laugh.
    I don’t have or want celebrity lifestyle but wish to work for a living.
    I don’t find those “quoted” words chilling as I know God is a loving Father.
    Thanks for your “discernment” as I have never slain anyone or pushed them over !
    I wonder………….

  25. james says:

    Steve – (the first comment), I think you hit it right on.

    I agree.

  26. Philip says:

    Davidd Jeffry,
    Thanks for your comments. Sins r sins, if in public or private. Regarding divorce, I would never say never but if you feel that strongly, you would do well in channeling that energy in supporting someone with problems in that area,
    best wishes.

  27. Jeff says:

    I sympathize with Todd’s family and the body of Christ. However, I have very little sympathy for Mr. Bentley himself. Guys like Todd Bentley, Ted Haggard, etc. do not really believe what they say they believe. They grandstand in the Lord’s pulpit and tell many “THOU SHALT NOTS”, yet do not uphold the words that they utter. And they unwittingly pull the wool over the eyes of people, and forget that there is no pulling the wool over the eyes of the Lord (Proverb 15:3). What we have witnessed in this tragedy is exactly what the Lord revealed to Jeremiah in his day – Wayward men to presume to stand for God.

    Jeremiah 5:26-31
    ‘For among My people are found wicked men; They lie in wait as one who sets snares; They set a trap; They catch men. As a cage is full of birds, So their houses are full of deceit. Therefore they have become great and grown rich. They have grown fat, they are sleek; Yes, they surpass the deeds of the wicked; They do not plead the cause, The cause of the fatherless; Yet they prosper, And the right of the needy they do not defend. Shall I not punish them for these things?’ says the LORD. ‘Shall I not avenge Myself on such a nation as this?’ “An astonishing and horrible thing Has been committed in the land: The prophets prophesy falsely, And the priests rule by their own power; And My people love to have it so. But what will you do in the end?

    All I know is that the BIBLE is clear and it is TRUE, regardless of what one pretends to be. Men like the Todd Bentley’s of the world need to learn to be true to their own convictions, before they attempt to superimpose those convictions on others (Romans 2:21-24).

  28. HANK says:

    Thank you Gerald Coats for expaining the background to this distressing situation of Todd Bently. Taken from the mud and the mire by the hand of the Almighty God. Placed called into ministry that has literly drawn into Kingdom Blessing 1,000s upon 1,000s of needy souls. Yes distressing,but let us remember that nobody is perfect. What a saluatory lesson for us all to be reminded of. Who will cast the first stone or who will say that they have not sinned in word,thought or deed! In
    the words of the great Apostle Paul ‘But I discipline my body and bring it into subjection,lest, when I have Preached to others.I myself should become disqualified. (1 Cor 9 v27)NKJV.

  29. ayjay says:


    Todd could have been a fraud who never believed a word he preached. Maybe he did pull the wool over everyone’s eyes. Perhaps Gerald is also a fraud who has never been caught. Perhaps AW Tozer was a fraud. Perhaps Art Katz took some terrible secrets to the grave that would make us all judge him a fraud. Perhaps the entire Christian Heros Top Trumps set are frauds. We don’t know what skeletons these people have hidden.

    It isn’t for me to say what Todd truly believes, only God can do that. I am convinced that Todd bore some good fruit for a time. Most of what I heard him say wasn’t actually as mixed up as you might expect under the circumstances. And yes, some of the things he said towards the end did sound like a man who had been drinking, perhaps someone suffering from alcohol related psychosis, perhaps someone who took too many narcotics as a child. It seems to me that God still used him and he has my sympathy.

    If he preached any THOU SHALT NOTs, then I have forgotten them.

    It is hard to imagine him deliberately setting any traps for people. If not, then does the passage in Jeremiah apply?

    And in the end of course, he didn’t live up to his own standards (like most of us).

    I have posted more on Gerald’s blog than anyone else so I had better leave it there. Just to be clear, I do not represent Gerald in any way (I only spoke to him a few times, he doesn’t know me).



  30. Filip says:

    If I could find Todd Bentley’s blog I might send him an e card for Christmas but for now, Gerald may have to put up with my “spam” !

  31. Filip says:

    Jeff means “bringer of peace” but not in this instance it would seam!
    (Nov. 21st 4:30pm).

  32. Steve,
    I like your first comment (way back in October) although I’m not sure about your music styles?
    When you sign out by repeating Steve twice, are you just copying Gerald with his double Amen?

    Happy New Year
    Happy New Year

  33. Theo Logian says:

    As an ex house church member, I can’t say I’m surprised by the incredible damage that Todd Bentley and his bootlickers have wreaked. One of the many problems with the whole modern house church movement, is that it has no hard edged academic tradition. Also it has no modern leaders who are willing and able to thoroughly scrutinise the doctrine and practice of the church in the light of scripture. The problem is, at first, its all so exciting! I can well remember buying Gerald’s books and exulting in the’freedom’ of being released from having to have a daily ‘quiet time’ In the text, he was so deliciously sarcastic that I had to become a follower! But of course over the years I’ve come to realise that this teaching was empty….’clouds without rain’.
    What are the implications for the whole of this movement? Why didn’t someone simply point out that Todd must be wrong about Emma the angel? Our Lord Jesus says that they are without gender. How gullible are you people? ‘Watch your life and doctrine closely’ I watch the ‘God Channel’ with a mixture of dismay. disgust and amusement-please, please can’t one of you just stand up and say enough?!!Stop this nonsense immeadiately!!!? Let me tell you, I would never be so arrogant as to strut about with a mike and tell God’s people that I was a prophet, but you don’t need to be Martin Lloyd Jones to see that the wiser amongst you will be very tempted to go back to something more orthodox, despite whatever ‘prophetic’ threats you make against them…!

  34. Roger Mugs says:

    I wanted you to know that when I was a kid my father took me to the Airport Vineyard and I heard you speak. You prayed for me there and your prayer had a big impact on my family. I just posted on it yesterday and then someone pointed me to your blog.


    This is the link… I talk about you towards the bottom.

    Big thanks for what happened. Maybe someday I’ll see you again and I can fill you in on life since then… You said I’d have a story to tell… I do.

  35. Hey Gerald
    Insight, grace and hope – your hallmarks!

  36. Pat says:

    I’m sure glad most of you aren’t Jesus. You would have hung Paul out to dry.

  37. Philip says:

    Paul Who?

  38. ayjay says:


    “How come with all those super anointed apostles and prophets…not one of them had the discernment to know what was really going on?”

    At the last supper, all Jesus’ disciples missed something huge going on right in front of them. They missed the elephant in the room. God was still content for them to be apostles. Why is this?

  39. Theo Logian says:

    God was content for them to be apostles because of the change that would come on them after pentecost. That’s why the Lord told them not to leave Jerusalem until they had received the Spirit and his anointing. Then they would have the kingdom abilities necessary to build the church. But they didn’t have this at the last supper! They didnt even understand about the resurrection!
    Bob Jones, Paul Cain and now Todd Bentley. How much more disgrace will fall on the church before proper church government takes place? I like to think of myself as a charismatic evangelical, but I get mighty scared at all of this dumbed down charismatic celebrity nonsense. I’ll save my worship for Jesus. May the Lord have mercy on us all!

  40. Philip says:

    I was thinking of joining a new church…

    Church of the Charismatic Evangelical Celebrity.

    *Goes on Holiday with bucket & spade*

  41. ayjay says:

    You should join The United Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Witnesses to Jehovah and of the Divine Light of the Christian Science Moonies and of the Scientologist Universal and Triumphant Family of Love and Armstrong’s Unitarian School of Spiritualism.

    Unfortunately, Todd isn’t preaching.

  42. ayjay says:

    Seriously, I can never abandon a movement because a celebrity got a divorce.

  43. Philip says:

    but you might abandon a movement that stopped moving or moved the wrong way…..

  44. Friend says:

    I don’t believe God is nearly as concerned as we are about Todd Bently’s Ministry. Are any of us any better if we really think we are speaking on belhalf of God. Our God’s resume’ starts in Genesis and created every living thing do you really think it caught God by surpise and that God needs our help to fix something He may not even consider broken. It seems as we want to attack a brother in the Lord because we feel we have the right. When we ourselves violate the Law of Love we are just as guilty as the words that bind us in condemnation. I wonder if some Christians have a special book called the II book of opinions that entitles them to by pass the fruit of the spirit and the Character of God. God calls us to walk in love because He is LOVE and LOVE never fails, what the devil uses for evil God will use for good! I pray God picks Todd up and uses Him to impact the world so everyone would see the true nature of our forgiving Father. Don’t aid the devil in fueling division with the body of Christ, remember beauty for ashes is Gods nature. I am sure King David was honored that God would call Him “a man after His own heart” especially after commiting murder and adultry all within the same week. Love always disarms the enemy, Let God deal with justice so we don’t end up on the judgement seat. Our job is to reconcile people to God by the love we have for one another. Pray for Todd and all those negatively affected. Pray that God would heal the wounds of so many wounded people so their wounds won’t get infected causing more damage to Gods reputation. God Bless

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