Looking for appropriate evangelistic ideas for Christmas gifts?

My wife Anona had her autobiography published earlier this year. It would make a perfect gift for someone interested in powerful and moving true stories, whether they be Christian or not.

Anona grew up in an abusive home, found faith in God in her teens and was then able to receive healing for the past and forgive her abuser.

At the age of 43 years she discovered she had been adopted and that her “parents” were not her parents at all, so began the search for her natural parents.

It is a gripping story with many twists and turns. Some of the quotes from many letters Anona has received include;

“I could not put your book down, I stayed up all night reading it.”

“Thank you for being so honest, I cried, I laughed and I cried again!”

At last I’ve found someone I can identify with, you’ve given me hope.”

You can order copies direct from Anona. Simply email me at geraldc@pioneer.org.uk or pick up a copy from your local Christian book shop.

The book is titled “I Wish I Was…” and is published by Authentic Media.


5 Responses to Looking for appropriate evangelistic ideas for Christmas gifts?

  1. Phiip says:

    I bought this book on ebay for my mum.
    She enjoyed reading it & so did her friends.

  2. Ayjay says:

    I have Gerald’s Intelligent Fire biography.

    He signed it for me when I bought it off him in person in 1991. He wrote the words:

    “Andrew, believe in yourself! God does!”

    I am reading it again at the moment.

  3. Ayjay says:

    Merry Christmas!

  4. Philip says:

    Or you could always buy the Christmas No.1 by Alexandra- something about cutting your hair while be tied to a kitchen chair?
    or maybe listen to it on youtube for free?
    happy xmas factor!

  5. Get Ready to celebrate Merry Christmas in 2009 with new amazing ideas.

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