About Gerald

Gerald is the founder and remains a leader within the Pioneer network of churches, training programmes and ministries.

He is currently focusing on a multi-generational church gathering called Engage, which falls under the Church in The Theatre umbrella based in “The Theatre” in Leatherhead (Surrey/SW London).

His ministry and commitments are broad and include Insight, a school of prophecy, the charismatic evangelical Round Table, the National Churches Forum, OFCOM (the BBC’s Office of Communication) and CRAC (the Central Religious Advisory Council). Premier Christian Radio have recently aired a weekly series also called “Insight” and have repeated his previous series – Prophets & Prophecy.

He also edits Library of Lives – the Pioneer Journal, a selection of news and teaching from across the network.

Gerald is happily married to Anona. Her recent book “I Wish I Was…” is published by Authentic and is widely available. They have three grown up sons and live in Bookham, Surrey.

Pioneer Engage Church

Pioneer online

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3 Responses to About Gerald

  1. J.D. King says:

    I sense your openess to revival. I would like for you to check out a great revival that is erupting in Kansas City, Missouri, United States. Go to http://www.worldrevivalchurch.com

    • John Hays says:

      Dear Gerald,
      Re your article on Tod Bentley. I have been mystified by the happenings in that part of planet earth!
      Thanks for a well written and balanced overview which I felt was both informative and helpful.
      The ‘kicking of the lady in the face’ had me troubled a bit but then again Abraham was asked to sacrifice Isaac!I do wish more Christians could offer some wisdom as you have done in your article. Thanks again.

      John Hays
      Tasmania Australia

  2. Hi Gerald…I am a Pastor at the Church that Jonathon and Maureen Fryer are…She e-mailed you a few weeks back and told you about us…I would like to fill you in a little more concerning who we are…is there another way to contact you are is this the best way?
    Thank you and I will look forward to your response

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