Marsham Street – dates for your diary

August 14, 2008


Since we started on July 24th we’ve averaged around 500, with salvations and recommitments in each meeting, healings and some wild and wonderful times of impartation.

We are on Marsham Street at the Emmanuel Centre at 7.30pm every Thursday until further notice.

Check back here to see if we are still meeting.

Dates for your diary:

Thursday 13 NovemberNaomi Dowdy with EEC Band (Naomi planted a church in Singapore in the 70’s, it now has over 5000 people)

Thursday 20th November – Gerald Coates speaking

Thursday 27 November – Jonathan Conrathe speaking

On the nights of FOMS there will be a prayer meeting from 6:30pm to pray for London and the nation.  Free for all, open to everyone.  Come and join us in the lower hall in the Emmanuel Centre.

FOMS has now run for 18 weeks consecutively.  The last meeting of 2008 will be on Nov 27th.  In 2009 there will be a brand new series starting every Thursday in January, 7:30pm, and the Emmanuel Centre, Pioneer, and FOMS websites will be providing details.

Dates recently gone:

Thursday August 14th – Godfrey Birtill led worship and Jonathan Conrathe spoke

Thursday 21st – Gerald Coates and Wee Hian Chua spoke on “where is this awakening going?”

Thursday 28th – Mark Stibbe was a very special guest and Rex Allchurch led worship

Thursday September 4th
– David Herzog, Todd Bentley’s associate was with us for the first of his London dates.

Thursday 11th – Jonathan Aitken shared from Psalm 130 and drew heavily from his time served at Bellmarsh Prison. A gospel night

Thursday 18th – Roy Fields, who has been a primary worship leader in Lakeland, led worship and shared with us.

Wednesday 24th – with Gerald Coates and Tom Copson leading worship

Wednesday 1st October – with Jonathan Conrathe speaking and ministering

Thursday 9 October – Christen Forster and the River Church band


Marsham Street Update

July 29, 2008

Recent photographs

I’m fully aware there are many wonderful things happening with churches within and beyond Pioneer in this season.


But in the light of the significant positive feedback we had from our news release, that we were back on Marsham Street starting last Thursday, July 24th, I thought I’d give you an update.

Flyers and news of our return to Marsham Street was distributed just two weeks before the first evening, and as I say we received a lot of feedback assuring us of prayers and even presence.


On the night


Around 500 turned up for a very strong, vibrant time of sung worship, praise and prayer for London and beyond.

Testimonies were given, including a woman who had been in a wheelchair for a year, in and out of hospital and in significant pain. She is now without the wheelchair!


Three gave their lives to Christ and hundreds received prayer, impartation and prophecies in the latter part of the meeting.

We’re back there on Thursday 31st at 7.30pm and every Thursday until further notice.

The Pioneer website/my blog will inform you when we cease to meet.


A number of people including Jonathan Aitken (who attended the first series in 97), worship leader Godfrey Birtill and worship leaders Dave and Pat Bilbrough are among a number who’ve said they would love to come and serve in this series of events.


We value your prayers, and you and friends are very welcome to join us. Obviously if you know people in the greater London area do drop them an email.


We’ll not be updating you regularly – we just thought you’d like to know that we have begun!


For our King and His Kingdom





Fire on Marsham Street

July 24, 2008

Marsham Street, Westminster – we’re going back!





In the Spring of 1997, the church I was a part of in Leatherhead, Surrey, invited people to gather at the Emmanuel Centre, Marsham Street, Westminster up to 5 nights a week for worship, teaching, impartation and getting right with God.


Those meetings lasted almost 18 months and whilst demanding on time and money, received an incredible level of interest from the mainstream media, across the UK and overseas.


At the National Prayer Breakfast recently I was surprised by how many people said to me “we haven’t seen you since Marsham Street.”


Well I wanted you to know that within a little over 24 hours I had two separate prophecies about shoes, a new journey and new work starting. One given in Surrey and one in Birmingham.


Shortly afterwards, one of the ladies in our church had a picture of a large bunch of plump red grapes being pressed out, and then went on to say “this will not produce a Beaujolais Nouveaux but Premier Grand Cru.”


Days later, Mike Andrea from the Pioneer church in Ramsgate, came across to The Theatre in Leatherhead, to an impartation meeting. Without knowing anything of this picture, he commended us for what we were doing and added “this will not produce Beaujolais Nouveaux” and then put his hand into a brown paper bag and pulled out a £90 bottle of Premier Grand Cru champagne! You can imagine the uproar!


Then John Arnott announced from the platform at Lakeland, Florida, that the wells dug in the 90s in London, Dudley and Sunderland would reopen. We had no plans whatever to return to Westminster and never have had.


Tucking these prophecies into my file of past prophecies, I flicked over wondering what the last significant prophecy was that I was sent. It was exactly 12 months ago, from an evangelist who intimated that I was planning to step back, let others come through, that my influence would diminish etc.

But he added that actually the opposite was going to happen, I would re-dig the wells in Westminster and by implication influence with church and media would increase significantly.


I was staggered. I have no recollection of receiving this, nevermind remembering it, but I obviously felt it was important to file it away, probably because of who sent it to me.


Then through a further series of “accidents”, the pastor of Emmanuel Evangelical Church in Marsham Street and I met up, and after prayer and discussion sensed that on Thursday July 24th at 7.30pm we should open the doors of the Emmanuel Centre and invite the public in for worship, getting right with God, impartation, fresh anointings and “re-dig the wells” and that’s what we plan to do, by God’s grace, every Thursday until people stop coming or the Holy Spirit moves on.


Revivalist Todd Bentley was to have been in Westminster in July, but due to the happenings in Lakeland, Florida, senses for the foreseeable future he needs to remain there. So he sent two of his closest associates, Jerame Nelson and Mark Eshleman, to the Emmanuel Centre last Thursday 10th, Friday 11th and Saturday 12th of July.


Over 3,000 people attended with many responding to the gospel and many more telling stories of healing and answered prayer. Hundreds of our flyers were handed out and when it was announced we are returning on Thursday 24th of July there was huge applause.


So here we go again, it’s a different time, different season but an empowered church in the community, the workplace and in fields of education, health, justice and the arts are more needed now than we were there 10 years ago.


I would appreciate the prayers of your church, I am not unaware that there’s loads going on across the Pioneer network, with impartation meetings, evangelism out on the streets and this is just a part of the emerging scene.

I wanted you to hear from me personally and also to let you know you and friends would be welcome to come and participate with us every Thursday or whenever you can make it.


Check back here or on the Pioneer website to confirm we’re still meeting.


For our King and His Kingdom